6 Best 3D Designing & Printing Apps in 2019

3D printing is emerging as the new industrial production technology and is nicknamed as additive manufacturing. A simple digital file containing the design of a 3D model is used to print three dimensional solid objects with the help of a 3D printer. Of course, this innovative technology is still transforming daily, and the future 3D printer models are expected to be coupled with hardware that possesses Artificial General Intelligence for more accurate and complex printing in major industrial sectors. Hey, have you tasted the 3D printed meat burger yet? That’s how it’s going to shape future narrative. Hah

The list of best 3D designing and printing apps is given underneath.

1. Shapr3D

This iOS app comes with a monthly paid subscription and is designed specifically for professional engineers and industrial designers. This app is the best and latest parametric modeling mobile app and allows users to create models and concepts on the go. The design files can be exported to a PC software for more sophisticated editing.

2. Sculptura

Sculptura is the best app to design or reinvent classic sculptures. You can buy this app from the Apple App Store. It functions smoothly and packs in a range of design tools. Moreover, the virtual clay-morph designs can be exported to a computer editor for more advanced tweaks. The next selection provides an alternative over this app.

3. Putty 3D

Putty 3D is priced lower-almost half as compared to Sculptura on the App Store. It lets you work on the base meshes on the go in a neatly laid interface on the pressure sensitive iPad. In addition, it has also got the file export compatibility.

4. uMake

This app comes in a free version on the App Store. It lets designers carve facets of 3D models in a 2D setting and view a 3D model in augmented reality. It means you can soothe your superbike modeling cravings and can even project the model onto a view of your garage to see if it fits next to your four-wheeler.

5. AutoCAD

It is not a 3D printing app but supplies the same interface and settings which are feasible to use for architects. It is designed to view and make flimsy edits to the DWG files [Drawing(s)] on AutoCAD. It is available for free on the App Store.

6. Luna Display

This 3D designing app combines two aspects- the cutting-edge hardware of your iPad and the sophisticated modeling software on your PC with the help of two tiny USB dongles for connectivity. For instance, you can use the Luna Display on the iPad to input design concepts and tweaks with the support of a designing software like ZBrush on your desktop, which also acts as the second display.

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