7 Best Spelling And Grammar Check Apps Of 2019

By using these applications, you can achieve perfection!

Majority of the people make grammatical mistakes while writing.While submitting reports, assignments, essays,etc., the presence of stupid spelling mistakes and grammatical errors can have drastic outcomes. Fortunately, some tools can go through each word of your content to check your spelling mistakes.

Top spelling and grammar check applications

1.    Grammarly

Grammarly is an application that has every feature necessary to check grammar, syntax, formatting, and spelling. It is effortless to use. This application is accessible over the net. It is available for iOS and Android users. Grammarly is available in a total of two versions. The one is the free version, and the other is the Premium version. The former can be used for basic grammar checking and the latter for heavy editing work.

2.    WhiteSmoke

It is available on all gadgets. It can not only become part of Windows but also Mac and other browsers. Luckily, the phone application is available for both iOS and Android users. It can correct grammar, spelling, style, and punctuation. It has in total three different variety of plans which can be distinguished by its prices.

3.    Ginger

You might be conscious of the errors made by you in places like mails, Google Docs, and the posts that you upload in social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram. There is nothing to worry about it. The solution for such an issue is Ginger. It can be used in Windows, Mac, and iOS gadgets. As soon as you put Ginger extensions to Chrome, you can observe that the grammar checking gets started by itself. The only drawback is that its users need to have access to the Premium version for using its every feature.

4.    CorrectMe

For submitting the unique and wonderful project so that you can score the highest marks in your assignment, you should use this application. It searches exact words immediately and is simple to use. I suggest that you should go for the pro version of it.

5.    Speller

Whenever you doubt the spelling of any word, you may prefer checking it in Google itself. The remarkable feature of the Speller is that it has different sources present on it which result in an awesome output.

6.    Reverso

If you keep traveling from one place to another and in need of a translator with you then, this application is appropriate for you. And it has a greater number of words in it than the normal dictionary generally has.

7.      Language Tool

  The best feature that distinguishes it with the rest of the apps is that it can check grammatical spelling mistakes of more than 30 languages.

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