Guide For Using Theater Mode On Apple Watch

Apple Watch enables its bearer with multiple features right at their wrist, which allows an individual to be in touch with every detail and happenings around them. Such features include measuring heartbeat, notifying any messages or calls, using GPS, and much more.

In addition, the Apple watch users also avail an exciting additional feature, namely Theater Mode, which allows users to silent their smartwatch during important moments like a date, meeting or while watching a movie. You can refer to the steps mentioned below to enable Theater Mode on your Apple smartwatch.

  • Power on your Apple watch and “Swipe up” up from the bottom of the watch to the access “Control Center.”
  • Now, scroll down and select the “Theater Mode Button” option.
  • Then press the orange color “Theater Mode Button” to enable this mode on your Apple Watch.

By following the steps mentioned above in correct order, Apple Watch users can easily enable the Theater Mode on their device. And to confirm if the mode is active on the watch or not, users can view the Control Center which would show text stating “Theater Mode: On.”

If the occasion or the event has ended for which you have enabled the Theater Mode, then you would want to disable this mode from your watch to receive notifications as per normal. So to disable the Theater Mode on your Apple Watch, follow the steps mentioned below in correct order.

  • Hold one of the buttons of your Apple Watch to wake it up, or you can also tap the face of your Apple Watch.
  • Now from the bottom of your watch “swipe up” the screen till access “Control Center.”
  • Then scroll down and look for the “Theater Mode Button” option. It resembles a mask.
  • And after that press the orange color “Theater Mode Button” option to deactivate this mode.

By following the steps mentioned above, an individual can easily disable the Theater Mode and bring their Apple Watch to normal functioning. It is essential to understand that the Theater Mode only limits your watch from randomly popping up notifications and buzzing, which means that this mode does not impact the brightness of your device. So to dim the brightness of your Apple Watch during the enabled Theater Mode, follow the steps mentioned below in correct sequence.

  • Hold the face of your Apple Watch to enter “Edit mode” of your device.
  • Now, swipe from the right of the screen towards the left end.
  • Then press (“New” +) button.
  • After that “Swipe” to move the modular watch face. User can also turn on the “Digital Crown” to do the same.
  • Now press the option to choose it.
  • Again hold the front of your Apple Watch to open the “Edit mode.”
  • Then select the “Customize option.
  • After that, the user will have to turn the “Digital Crown” to change the color of the clock to red.
  • Then swipe towards the left side of your Apple Watch to choose your complications.
  • Select every complication and turn the “Digital Crown” dial completely until it sets off.
  • Now tap the “Digital Crown” to exit the Edit mode of your Apple Watch.

By properly following the steps mentioned above, a user will be able to dim the brightness of their Apple smartwatch. Hopefully, Apple Watch users will now be able to operate the Theater Mode whenever needed and enjoy their personal time.

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