How To Create And Use Smart Folder On Mac?

For instance, users frequently visit their downloads folder and search files by the date, to make the process easier. Rather than doing it, you should create a Smart Folder known as ‘Recent Downloads’ which comprises the data of your Downloads folder that has been downloaded today itself. It saves you a lot of time.

Smart Folder helps in managing data and searching for files

Creating a Smart Folder

  1. The option of creating a Smart Folder will be below the ‘File’ menu in Finder. People can access Finder to display it in the above menu bar by merely tapping on their screen.
  2. See that a search dialog will be presented.
  3. Then, press the + option (situated at the right corner) to put more search criteria.
  4. Fortunately, there is no limitation on adding the number of Smart Folders. But you need to remember that the Finder will only be able to get the files that do match with all of the options that have been defined.
  5. If you wish to modify it, then press on the Option and press on the + symbol. It is resulting, changing into three dots. Note that it will make a collection of different criteria together. The three options will be given in front of you-Any, All, and None. And from it, you can select whichever you would prefer. The best part is that if you click on ‘Other’ from the dropdown, you will get plenty of hidden options.
  6. If you like your folder, then click on ‘Save’ next option.
  7. Note that the folder will get saved to a particular ‘Saved Searches’ folder by the default and even get added to the sidebar automatically.

Helpful Smart Folders

Are you getting worried because you don’t know the method of using the Smart Folders? There is nothing to worry about it. Here are two different ways that it can be used in your daily life.

Removing duplicate files

Fortunately, the Macintosh operating system includes ‘(1)’ to represent the duplicate data by itself so that you can search for it easily and the rest of the numbers also.  By this way, you’ll be able to get all the duplicate data on your drive.

Prefer deleting DMGs

After you complete the downloading of Mac operating system application from the net, notice that it has a dmg typically written over it. These data cover a lot of space and makes download folder full. You can search each of it from the .dmg extension. Prefer deleting each one of it to stay at safe side. After all, you already have downloaded applications inside.

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