One Should Know How to Change the Language on iPhone

With making some changes in the Settings, one can easily be able to change their iPhone language. However, Apple makes it quite easy for the benefits of their users, and the process will take few minutes, once you successfully change the language will show all text in the displayed menu or your iPhone in the language you recently have chosen. Though the settings of changing language are directly passed to the applications that support your language and modifying the language settings will automatically switch the language of the iPhone keyboard as well. Although you might have to change the language settings for Siri, as Siri may not automatically pick or switch over to a new language.

Did you know that iPhone supports almost thirty languages and several numbers of vernaculars within multiples of that language? Thus, this indicates that users are not stuck with only American English. Moreover, one can use Canadian English, UK English, Singapore English or many others. Instead, one can choose among Canadian French or French, Spanish or Latin American Spanish and many more are available to choose in the Apple menu list of languages. No worries, here we provide you some best steps for easily changes the language on the iPhone and also how to easily switch languages on Siri. The steps are discussed below:

Best Steps for Changing the iPhone Language Settings

When you primarily establish the language via the iPhone setup process, then you don’t need to reset your iPhone only change the language and start using iPhone on the language you want. Once selected the new language, your iPhone or iOS devices will automatically load and shows text in new languages without even needing to Power off. Therefore, by following simple steps, users will be able to change their languages within seconds. Here how to do it:

  1. Firstly, click on the ‘Settings’ to open the iPhone settings app.
  2. Select the ‘General’ option from the drop-down menu.
  3. Now, choose ‘Language & Region’ option located in the center of the ‘General Settings’ page.
  4. Click on the ‘iPhone Languages’ appeared at the upper right corner of the screen.
  5. After that, the select new language from the given list. For saving your time, we suggest you enter the first few letters of the language in the search bar of the iPhone just to reduces the list and choose your language easily.
  6. Once you have chosen your new language, hit the ‘Done’ tab located at the upper side of the iPhone screen.
  7. Next, you need to verify the language have you have chosen from the given list.
  8. Finally, your iPhone language has been successfully changed from the settings.

Steps to Change Siri Language from Settings

When you find that Siri doesn’t switch language that you have changed from iPhone settings. However, Siri also supports many languages, and for some languages, she can create some more pronunciations. But the good thing is that changing the Siri’s language is much easier than changing the languages of iPhone. Here how to do it:

Initially, open the Settings app or go back to the main menu of your iPhone if users are within the settings app. you can easily go back to the main menu of your iPhone just by simply clicking on the back button located at the upper left side till you return to the menu of your iPhone.

  1. Click on the ‘Siri & Search’ tab to open it.
  2. Under ‘Siri & Search’ option, you need to scroll down the list and choose ‘Languages’ option.
  3. Then, select a new language which you want to choose from the list.
  4. Once selected a notification pop-up on the screen asking you to verify the language that you have chosen.
  5. Click on ‘Back Button’ to go back to the ‘Siri’ Settings.
  6. After that, choose ‘Siri Voice’ and press the Enter key to continue the process.
  7. Finally, choose the accent and gender if available in the settings.
  8. Finally, Siri has chosen its own language and start working on your command.

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